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Welcome to Slices N' Squares. Here we take very seriously our job of making delicious pizzas for you. Every morning, we begin making the dough for our famous crust. We use specially filtered water. The yeast we use comes from a special strain made in Canada. We mix it very well. After mixing it goes into the walk-in to proof. We keep checking it. When it is just right we form individual dough balls and one of them will be for your pizza. So we guarantee the quality and delicious tastes of all our pizzas
Choose your favorite. But we also have burgers, Panzerotti, Chicken Wings, Salads and more. Order online or by phone and ask for our delivery service. Or come with us at 3690 Seminole for pick up

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   Kristel March 11, 2016 - 05:44 PM Great food. Fast delivery. Excellent service.

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